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Buffalo Coffee Roastery featured in Niagara Frontier Publications

Posted on February 14, 2020
Kate and Sean Edwards stand by their roaster in Sanborn (Photo by Mark Williams)

We are pleased to have been spotlighted in the January 17, 2020 edition of the Niagara-Wheatfield Tribune and other local papers. Tribune editor Benjamin Joe asked if there is any difference between freshly roasted coffee beans and imported pre-roasted ones:

“This is the roaster. As you can see, they roast in the drum, and then they cool off in the tray,” Kate said. “The interest in it, lately, is because I think people are into the artisanal quality. They like small places and small batches and local people running them. I think they’re just into that, rather than the big bulk coffee like Maxwell or Folgers. We were the first on-site roaster in Buffalo with an in-house café.”

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Great Tasting Coffee 101

Posted on April 23, 2012

It is recommend that you begin using your coffee immediately and storing using an air-tight container kept in the freezer. Freshly roasted beans produce the best cup of coffee. When possible we recommend grinding your own beans just before brewing using one standard coffee measure (two level tablespoons) for each six ounces of cold, filtered water.

At the Buffalo Coffee Roastery, we use priority mail to ensure our customer’s coffee arrives within 2-3 days. A majority of the time, our coffee is shipped within hours of roasting to assure freshness is delivered right to your door.